Fatal Truth – A Review

The characters are well developed. The plot is full of twists, turns, and surprises. The book is well worth five stars in my book.
Lt. Trace Hunter, U.S. Navy SEAL, given a strange cocktail of drugs to make him and others a super soldier. This man came through the book as real with failings, strengths and deep down a caring personality.
Savanna Jeffries Bunkett an investigative news reporter. She has her own television show. In the past she has outed Lt. Hunter as a traitor and murder. Now, she has a bodyguard that seems familiar. Why would this man Coldplay seem familiar if they never met? Savanna is not the spoiled rich girl turned TV star that Trace expects. He finds her to be quite different. Again Ms. Evans created a real to life woman. While reading it I could see her parrying with Trace in his role as Coldplay. She’s three dimensional and someone that would be quite fun to sit down and talk with about her adventure.
Parker Jeffries is Savanna’s sister. She’s a government scientist involved in Trace’s experiment. She’s a mysterious figure through much of the book at the beginning, but she becomes more prominent and involved with the rest of the cast as the book moves along. Her loyalty to her sister shines through as she strives to protect her. Another well-developed character. If I say more I will give away the story. There are more details in the “About the Book” section below along with an excerpt.
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Title: Fatal Truth
Series: Shadow Force International, #1
Author: Misty Evans
Release Date: January 25, 2016
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Buy Links: Amazon / Amazon UK / iBooks / Kobo / Barnes & Noble coming soon!


Book Summary:

She’s an investigative reporter who lives to uncover the truth.

Feisty television host, Savanna Bunkett, exposes government coverups on her award-winning show, The Bunk Stops Here. When she digs into a rumor about a top secret government project that’s producing “super soldiers” for the president, she suddenly finds herself on an assassin’s hit list.

He’s the man who knows the truth.

Navy SEAL Lieutenant Trace Hunter is the only soldier to survive Project 24. After refusing a direct order from the president, he was branded a traitor, and his career imploded after the sexy reporter turned him into a national headline. He now works undercover for Shadow Force International, a secret group of former SEALs helping those who have no where else to turn, using his enhanced skills to fight for justice and protect the innocent. His first assignment? Protect Savanna from the one man who wants them both dead—the president.

One wrong move and they’ll be silenced forever.

Helping Savanna is the last thing Trace wants to do, but her unwavering determination to expose the president’s dark truth matches his own. She’s his one chance to set the record straight and he’s her only chance at survival. When their mutual enemy closes in, can they put the past behind them and trust each other? Even if it means losing their hearts in the process? Or will secrets, lies, and forbidden passions cost them everything?

* * *



USA TODAY Bestselling Author Misty Evans has published over twenty novels and writes romantic suspense, urban fantasy, and paranormal romance. As a writing coach, she helps other authors bring their books – and their dreams of being published – to life.

The books in her Super Agent series have won a CataNetwork Reviewers’ Choice Award, CAPA nominations, the New England Reader’s Choice Bean Pot Award for Best Romantic Suspense in 2010 and the ACRA Heart of Excellence Reader’s Choice Award for Best Romantic Suspense in 2011.

Her Witches Anonymous series was dubbed a Fallen Angel Reviews Recommended Read. The Super Agent Series, Witches Anonymous Series, and the Kali Sweet Series have been on multiple Amazon Kindle bestsellers lists. Her culinary romantic mystery, THE SECRET INGREDIENT, and the first book in her Deadly series, DEADLY PURSUIT, are both USA TODAY bestsellers.

Misty likes her coffee black, her conspiracy stories juicy, and her wicked characters dressed in couture. When not reading or writing, she enjoys music, movies, and hanging out with her husband, twin sons, and two spoiled puppies.

Connect with Misty: Website / Facebook / Twitter / Goodreads / Newsletter / Pinterest

* * *


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Oct 14 writing prompt… DEMONS

Finder's Keepers - Author Tracey Clark


Muhahahaha… Demons… what can we get from this writing prompt??? Our character are only human, no matter if they come from a land of spirits, live in the countryside, or inhabit the body of a dragon… they are only human because we are oh so human and we have brought them to life… even if they are demon, they are only human… (hey, humans have demon like behaviors, it doesn’t just come from the supernatural, just as Charles Manson)

But back to the writing prompt side of the word demons… the first look into this word is very physical…


think of very physical beings… ones that come from a place of evil, entering our world to do harm… they could slip through a portal, or be summoned by the naïve, or the insane (or maybe a witch or wizard wanting answers from the demon realm)


large or small, demons can…

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Amazon… A virtual marketplace, or Big Brother?

imy santiago

A couple of weeks ago I read the third installment of a series I really loved. I will refrain from sharing the name of the novel and its author.

Like any reader, as soon as I finished reading, I wrote my review. When I tried posting it on Amazon (I did buy the eBook, just like any normal and decent human being would), I received a rather concerning email.

I will not share the screenshot of the email as it does contain the title of the book and name of the author. In its place I have copied the body of the email below.

Dear Amazon Customer,

Thanks for submitting a customer review on Amazon. Your review could not be posted to the website in its current form. While we appreciate your time and comments, reviews must adhere to the following guidelines:

Here I was, thinking I had included an…

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CraneAuthorPhotoFeatured image

.Today I welcome Carolyn Crane with her newest romantic suspense entitled Behind The Mask. 

Hi everybody!

Okay, I’m here with an excerpt of my new book, BEHIND THE MASK.

In Behind the Mask, my heroine, Zelda, masquerades as her sister, a prostitute, in order to save her when she is won in a card game by a brutal drug cartel…only to comes face-to-face with the legendary killer she spent years hunting back when she was in the CIA.

In this scene, she’s getting ready to pose as her sister. They haven’t seen each other for years.


Zelda rooted through her twin sister Liza’s suitcase. The thing was pink and orange and studded with rhinestones in true Liza style. It squeezed Zelda’s heart.

Zelda would carry it now. She’d do whatever it took to save her sister.

Liza brought over a pair of fuck-me heels, looking apologetic. Liza had looked apologetic a lot over the past twelve hours. “They’re a little crazy, but it’s what I’d wear,” Liza said.

Zelda took them and ran her finger over one spiked heel, thankful for the closed toes. She didn’t want Liza to see her toes. The men she needed to fool definitely couldn’t see them.

“Mikos knows they’re my favorites, though,” Liza continued. “It’s what I’d wear on a day like this. To make myself feel better…you know.” This last in an angry whisper.

Zelda nodded, glad Mikos would recognize the shoes. A strong visual cue went a long way toward fooling people, and she’d need all the help she could get during the twenty-minute limo ride to the airport. Even an active field agent would have a hard time fooling a shrewd and paranoid drug dealer like Mikos, and Zelda was six years retired.

Liza insisted that Mikos had no idea she had a twin, but you had to expect the worst.

“You probably can’t walk in them.”

“Oh, I can walk in them.” Zelda had walked in plenty of shoes like that. She put them aside and grabbed the bottle of red nail polish and shook it, feeling like she might actually throw up. When she looked up next, she found her twin watching her, pretty lips parted, eyes sparkling. The look brought her straight back to their childhood.

They hadn’t spoken for years, but in some ways, it was as if she’d seen Liza just yesterday. “When you were a spy, you mean? You would wear shoes like this when you were a fucking spy? Because, fuck, Zelda!”

“Field agent,” Zelda corrected for the umpteenth time.

“Fuck,” Liza said. “You were out chasing bad guys in different countries and wearing disguises and stuff, so I’m going with spy. All this time I thought you were a botanist, and instead you’re this spy?”

“I was still doing some botany as an agent.” Plants could tell you a lot, like whether a body had been moved and how long it had been there. Forensic botany was how she got into the CIA.

“So wild.” Liza was impressed. She shouldn’t be; a lot of spying, especially for the female agents, was done on your back. She and Liza hadn’t turned out so differently after all.

“I’m best behind a desk,” Zelda mumbled, although the truth was that she’d loved being in the field, loved being out there making a difference. Until a good agent had been killed because of her.

“You used to say the CIA did bad things. When we were in high school? Remember? You always had so many opinions on everything.”

“All the more reason to get involved. If you don’t like something, change it, right?” She was shaking the nail polish again, way too vigorously. She forced herself to put it down. “Tell me the limo ride like a movie. How you see it going in your mind.”

“I’ll show you.” Liza sat on the couch, draping a hand over the back and crossing her legs. Her pose was relaxed, cool, and angry all at once. “Because this is how I feel. Pissed. But not beaten. Don’t sit up all straight and attentive, like you are right now, or he’ll suspect. This kind of sitting says, ‘I’m fun. I’m the joy in your life, and you ruined it.’ That’s how I would be to make him feel bad for handing me over to some creep.” Liza shifted, looking relaxed and elegant now. “The way you take up space changes everything.”

God, that big attitude. That had always been the beauty of Liza—the wild, fabulous twin.

Again Zelda picked up the bottle of nail polish and shook it, wondering if she could put it on without trembling.

“Or this.” Liza shifted into another pose. Liza always had a knack for transforming herself into the picture of leisure fun.

Zelda didn’t actually need this lesson. She had Liza down cold—they used to switch places all the time, but Liza needed to feel like she was contributing.

“Mikos will want to fuck in the back of the limo,” Liza continued, “but under no circumstances would I fuck him. He feels bad—he won’t press it. I loved him. If he tries anything, you tell him, ‘I’m not a fucking poker chip to be lost in a card game. Some possession to be gambled away like cattle.’” The tears were starting now. It broke Zelda’s heart. Through all the trouble between them, all the hell of Liza’s drug addiction, she’d never stopped loving her sister.

“Okay, let me try.” Zelda changed her posture and mimicked Liza’s smooth tone. “I’m not a fucking poker chip to be lost in a card game like cattle, Mikos. Some possession to gamble away. So fuck you,” she added.

“Exactly. Motherfucker.” Liza grabbed a tissue and dabbed her eyes.

“Here—help me with this.” Zelda held out the nail polish.

Liza tossed the tissue and took the bottle, sniffling as she unscrewed the top. She grabbed hold of Zelda’s fingers. “You’re shaking.”

“Too much caffeine.”

Liza smiled uncertainly and drew a thick, gleaming swath of red over Zelda’s fingernail. “I’m so sorry.”

“Stop apologizing.”

“I’m done with all that life, I promise,” Liza said. “I really promise this time—I won’t fuck up on you again. I’m so, so sorry—”

“Stop it. Look at me.”

Liza finished a nail and lifted her gaze.

“I’m your sister, okay? And seriously, this is a gift. Do you know how great it is to get inside that cartel right now? Inside Brujos’s ugly, stupid palace? We’re going to get something we desperately need because of you.”

Liza looked dubious, but it was true. The Association had never been able to get on the inside with Brujos and infiltrate his cartel. The timing couldn’t be better. A nice, juicy file full of damaging intel on Brujos was a bargaining chip they could use to prevent a serious disaster that was brewing on the other side of the equator.

“Easy in and out,” Zelda said. Instantly, she regretted her choice of words. They both knew she might have to fuck a few bad men before the thing was done. “It’s so nothing,” she added.

So nothing.” Liza frowned and concentrated on the nails. “You are so full of shit.”

Zelda used Liza’s voice. “You are so full of shit.”

“God, you’re me.” Liza moved on to another nail.



Read more: Links for BEHIND THE MASK are here at my website.


Thank you so much for having me!

Thanks Carolyn for sharing the excerpt. Sounds like a don’t miss book.

Here are the links to go out and grab your copy today!

Today Marks A New Milestone :-)

On June 25, 2011, I made day 100 for the third time. You see in January 2010, I joined this interesting group. What was the purpose of joining this particular group? To encourage writing every day, to ensure you develop the habit of writing to reach the goal of becoming published. No excuses just write. The criterion of the group is below.
Personally, it has worked wonders. I finally finished a manuscript. Right now, I am revising and rewriting the story I began in the fall of 2009. I have to admit it has taken me three tries to get through each round. However, I have three very nice certificates to show for it. Today is June 26, 2011. I am beginning the “CHAMPAGNE ROUND”.

What is this round? This round is to write for 365 days straight. Yep, write 100 words everyday nonstop for a whole year. I hope by then to have the first story out searching for a home. Maybe even the second one completed and ready to find a place too.
Some of you know my husband, Jim, is in poor health. Writing has kept me sane, through all of his difficulties. I take the laptop to the hospital when he’s in the hospital. I come home and think have to write my words before midnight.
How many words can I write? It varies. Some days I write over a thousand others, I make the minimum of a mere 100 words.
The group is WritingGIAM100x100@yahoogroups.com. It is run by Amy Atwell and Jo Anne Banker. These ladies worked hard to create several groups. I’m also in the Go Pro group. I didn’t get around to submitting for my pro status after being rejected by Harlequin. Between moving and everything with life, I let it slide. So now, I am focusing on these two stories.
If you want to kick your writing in gear check out the link above, ask to join our happy family. It really is fun. Think BICHOK (Butt in Chair Hands on Keyboard) and go for 100 words. If you go by the 250 words per page, that is less than one page and it doesn’t take that long. I use MS Word and either use multicolored font for each day or highlight where I begin. Reaching a point where I stop to think I go back and highlight to see how many words I’ve done so far. Less than 100 and I have to keep going over 100 I pause and add a few more. Yesterday I wrote 120 words and had to shut down. I never returned to the writing. Time with my great niece was more important.
We watched The Lord of the Rings – The Return of the King. It was the two discs set extended version so well after midnight when it ended. But, I had my words done for the day so it wasn’t a problem.
For me, this group/loop has helped me develop the habit of writing every day. I recommend it if you find you have reasons for NOT writing. Not reasons but excuses disguised as reasons. We all have things that keep us from writing at one time or another. Sometimes with us, it is Jim’s illness knocks me out of making the cut-off. Or, I got home and forgot. If I didn’t do my 100 words or one of the other things, I have to start over at day 1. It’s frustrating to be at day 45 and begin again at day 1, but it isn’t about that just keeping the writing going is the purpose.
Here is how they defined the loop criteria. I enjoy reporting in every day with what day it is and how many words I wrote. You see where others are in their days and how many words they did as well.
“We defined our criteria as 100 new words or 30 minutes editing on a “production of work aimed at a contract for sale,” whether for an essay, short story, novella or novel, revisions, synopses, queries or submission letters – even character studies and plot idea summaries. So, what does work: Brainstorming, making notes, plotting and research (for at least 30 minutes a day) counts. What doesn’t work: We have defined that blogging, critiquing, judging for contests, classes, meeting exercises (unless they were over 100 new words on your WIP), etc do not count.” (Jo Anne Banker)
So are you having a hard time focusing on finding time to write? Always finding something else to do, yes things seem to crop up that require more attention. I’m lucky I don’t have children, except great nieces and nephews. I play games, but they help me think. Often in the middle of writing I’ll pull up one to work through in my mind what I have going on in the scene. I think it settles me too.
However, if you need a little encouragement and want to join us go to Yahoo groups or click on the link above and join our fun. Hope to see you on the loop.
Oh one more thing, I use Excel to keep track of the days and word counts. You can use a diary or calendar or whatever works for you to see how you progress.
Now time to work on my uninterrupted year of 100 words.
Wish me luck!
By the way, I did earn that bottle of champagne. My niece-in-law and I had mimosas and Kahlua and Frappuccinos to celebrate my year.
Today is March 20, 2015. I not only survived the first year on the 100 x 100 loop. I have now completed four years. This date marks the beginning of year FIVE (5). Yep, I did it. Although, I did not finish the story, I did not get it out there. However, I have learned something. From now on, when I start a new book, novella, or story, I will NOT share any part of it until I finish the first draft. Once the first draft is complete. Then I will take suggestions based on critiques. I spend so much time rewriting the first couple of chapters I never get it completed.
Currently, I’m working on completing a Navy SEAL story I started in November of 2012. I started the project for NaNo (National Novel Writing Month). That’s another story. I wrote, rewrote, submitted was rejected and was determined to complete it. Then I asked somebody some questions. This person knows her stuff. Seems I had the villain all wrong. It would never happen the way I had it going. Stunned, I sat there for thirty minutes thinking I’d wasted almost two years. Instead of quitting and throwing all those words away, I started asking questions. Soon, I had a different way to keep the same story just change the bad guy. Thank you, Lindsay McKenna for the support and for taking the time to email back and forth to answer the questions.
This brings me to today. Yes, it’s been nine months since I began this last revision. It’s had a few more changes in these nine months. Determination, hard headedness, stubbornness, whatever term you choose to use that has brought me to this point.
The road the past five years has had a bunch of rough spots. Jim, my husband died on November 30, 2011, my sister grew more ill from late 2013, until she lost her fight and died on March 26, 2014 and twelve hours later, my dear mother-in-law passed away one month and one day before her eighty-seventh (87) birthday. Then this year my brother-in-law who was only thirteen months younger than my husband, lost his battle four month battle to brain cancer. He died at home with family surrounding him. But, that’s three deaths in March and I’d much rather they hadn’t happened. Life is hard, I know this, doesn’t make the loss any less. Still, I’ve found words to put on the page or time to edit.
I spent time searching for agents and editors for homework and this particular exercise does count as research on the 100 x 100 loop. One of the nice things is when it works out like that.
I hope to have the current Work In Progress (WIP) finished in by the end of April. Then I shall send it all to the critique partner to read and go over, while I go over it with Margie Lawson’s Deep Edits.
If you want to know, more about this process go to http://www.MargieLawson.com and check out her workshops and blogs. She has some of the best workshops on writing. I admit I’m a workshopaholic. I figure there’s always new and fun things to learn that will help me down the road.
Now, that I’ve told you my life story. Why not join in the fun of trying for 100 words every day? It’s not hard. Romance Writers of America is running an ongoing challenge of 2,000 words a month. I have one week this year, that I wrote over 5,000 words. That’s an average of 714 words per day. The RWA challenge is a mere 66 words per day. That’s less than NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) where you shoot for Neptune or Pluto and write 50,000 words in 30 days. For that one you average 1666.7 words per day. Every November I join in this crazy fun. Then there’s Camp NaNo in April and July this year. The Camp is less pressure, you’re out in the virtual outdoors writing under the stars by the campfire. You share a cabin with other writer campers.
Add these crazy writing fun things into a mix of various other things like October Obsession and April Madness hosted by Anne Marie Novak. The RWA online chapter of Romance, Mystery and Suspense, affectionately known as Kiss of Death, hosts Book In A Week (BIAW) challenges four times a year.
There are many challenges to encourage you to write. Pick one and join the fun. What do you have to lose? You could have a full-blown novel ready to submit and become a published author. Imagine all the fans that want to have you sign your books for them.
In the bottom of my refrigerator, I’m chilling a bottle of wine. I won it in a raffle drawing at the NW Houston Lone Star Conference in 2013. I’m saving it for when I sell this story. If it doesn’t find a traditional home, it will find a home on Amazon. Wish me luck.
The Milky Way is waiting for your book. Let’s write 100 words today.

Sweet or Salty by Susan Ann Wall (guest blogger today)


Hey Y’all,
Please welcome my guest blogger Susan Ann Wall. She shares her thoughts on Sweet or Salty and you can catch her three books out on sale at Amazon. She’s also running a contest over at Goodreads. There’s a link at the bottom of her post for her books and the Goodreads contest is right here:
Now, please enjoy Susan Ann’s post about food choices and healthy choices. 🙂
Sweet or Salty
I’m sitting here in the ski lodge minding my own business when the mom next to me returns from the cafeteria with a bucket of French fries. “I bought the big size so we can share.”
I cuss, not because I don’t appreciate her generosity but because I’ve recently made some significant lifestyle changes to improve my health and my biggest weakness is chips and fries.
I don’t buy chips because I’ll sit down and eat the whole bag. Lays are my favorite, but I wouldn’t say no to Ruffles, Cape Cod, Pringles, well, you get the point. French fries run a close second to chips and the ones here at Cannon Mountain are famous. Everyone knows how good they are.
And who am I to say no when another mom so graciously offers to share while our kids are freezing their patooties off out on the mountain?
And on the other side of me, my friend is celebrating his birthday with a big bag of Starburst.
There is temptation at every corner, but if I had to choose between sweet and salty, I’d choose salty every single time. What’s ironic is I don’t put salt on my food. Not even French fries. Several years ago during my annual physical, my bloodwork came back showing a sodium deficiency. My doctor told me to start adding salt to my diet. I was running at the time, so I’m pretty sure the deficiency was a result of the exercise. Once I gave up running, my bloodwork no longer came back with low sodium.
Lately I’ve found myself craving salty foods again and guess what? No, I’m not running, but I have started going to the gym five days a week, so I’m pretty sure the cravings are a result of a deficiency. So really, indulging in a few fries is benefiting my body and its need for sodium. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.
What’s your weakness? Sweet or salty?
Susan Ann Wall writes racy, rule-breaking romance and women’s fiction.




The Sound of Suspicion is free on Amazon January 30 – February 3.  http://www.amazon.com/Sound-Suspicion-Puget-Alive-Love-ebook/dp/B00I56PSLW

Relay for Love will be featured at a special sale price February 3 – 5 at Amazon and other e-book retailers.


A Flame Burns Inside will be featured at a special sale price February 3 – 5 at Amazon and other e-book retailers.


One more time here’s the link to enter her contest on Goodreads.