Milestones in Writing

I hit a milestone on Sunday, 19 March 2012. I completed a year’s worth of writing everyday for 365 days. Through fights and tears with my sister, caring for Jim, my seriously ill husband, even through his death I wrote. I wrote that night, I wrote the night of his service and burial. No matter if I had to stay awake and write after midnight at least 100 words so I could count it for the next day. If I had to stop at McDonald’s for free Wi-Fi, no matter what I found myself hooked. Hooked on making that word count of at least 100 words or that minimum of 30 minutes of editing.

No it didn’t happen straight from day one. As the leader of our group says Day One is  a good day. I had many day ones from 2010 when I first joined the yahoo loop. I found excuses like work and no time. Then suddenly I made it. I hit day 100. And in the mail came a pretty certificate for that accomplishment. Next it was the 200 day mark wow another certificate. When I made 300 days I received another certificate. That was not consecutive yet. I made the 200 mark and fell off the writing wagon. Jim developed bacterial pneumonia  went into the hospital and I dropped the writing day. Started it again then had to return to East Texas from Fort Hood to do tax returns. Jim was still in the hospital with pneumonia. I never thought to stop and write. I was terrified something would happen before I could return.

The next day Sunday 20 March 2011 was day 1 again. But guess what? I kept marching along 100 words or more at a time. I would drag up the stairs at my sister’s house stating I have to write my 100 words. All I wanted was the bed to fall asleep but first those words. Habit became stronger and stronger. Soon I had another 100 days, 200 days, then the 300 mark on Friday 13 Jan 2012. Excitement grew inside me. I only had 65 more days count them 65 until I would make my year. No matter what I would make them. If it took McDonald’s, Starbucks, or wherever for Wi-Fi or at one time I opened a new word document and wrote. Because I use Drop Box an online storage for my writing, it creates duplicate copies if you write in your document off line. To avoid the confusion to my tiny brain I open a new document and write. It doesn’t matter if it was on the same WIP or a new idea. Oh the loop has things that don’t count for the 100 words. If you want go to ask to be a member come join our fun. Blogs and homework unless it involves writing on your WIP don’t count. Journaling doesn’t count either.

This simple process not unlike walking, which I sometimes don’t manage that so well either, is a one foot or one word in front of the other. Write 100 words today, write another 100 tomorrow soon the days add into 100 days. Oh you missed a day? Day One as Jo Anne, the moderator says, is a good day. So go on have a good day one and come join our fun at:

Hey I just finished my first Blog. I always wondered what I could possibly be able to Blog about now I know. Day one for me on Blogging was a good one. Now let’s see when what is next.