Milestones in Writing

I hit a milestone on Sunday, 19 March 2012. I completed a year’s worth of writing everyday for 365 days. Through fights and tears with my sister, caring for Jim, my seriously ill husband, even through his death I wrote. I wrote that night, I wrote the night of his service and burial. No matter if I had to stay awake and write after midnight at least 100 words so I could count it for the next day. If I had to stop at McDonald’s for free Wi-Fi, no matter what I found myself hooked. Hooked on making that word count of at least 100 words or that minimum of 30 minutes of editing.

No it didn’t happen straight from day one. As the leader of our group says Day One is  a good day. I had many day ones from 2010 when I first joined the yahoo loop. I found excuses like work and no time. Then suddenly I made it. I hit day 100. And in the mail came a pretty certificate for that accomplishment. Next it was the 200 day mark wow another certificate. When I made 300 days I received another certificate. That was not consecutive yet. I made the 200 mark and fell off the writing wagon. Jim developed bacterial pneumonia  went into the hospital and I dropped the writing day. Started it again then had to return to East Texas from Fort Hood to do tax returns. Jim was still in the hospital with pneumonia. I never thought to stop and write. I was terrified something would happen before I could return.

The next day Sunday 20 March 2011 was day 1 again. But guess what? I kept marching along 100 words or more at a time. I would drag up the stairs at my sister’s house stating I have to write my 100 words. All I wanted was the bed to fall asleep but first those words. Habit became stronger and stronger. Soon I had another 100 days, 200 days, then the 300 mark on Friday 13 Jan 2012. Excitement grew inside me. I only had 65 more days count them 65 until I would make my year. No matter what I would make them. If it took McDonald’s, Starbucks, or wherever for Wi-Fi or at one time I opened a new word document and wrote. Because I use Drop Box an online storage for my writing, it creates duplicate copies if you write in your document off line. To avoid the confusion to my tiny brain I open a new document and write. It doesn’t matter if it was on the same WIP or a new idea. Oh the loop has things that don’t count for the 100 words. If you want go to ask to be a member come join our fun. Blogs and homework unless it involves writing on your WIP don’t count. Journaling doesn’t count either.

This simple process not unlike walking, which I sometimes don’t manage that so well either, is a one foot or one word in front of the other. Write 100 words today, write another 100 tomorrow soon the days add into 100 days. Oh you missed a day? Day One as Jo Anne, the moderator says, is a good day. So go on have a good day one and come join our fun at:

Hey I just finished my first Blog. I always wondered what I could possibly be able to Blog about now I know. Day one for me on Blogging was a good one. Now let’s see when what is next.

55 thoughts on “Milestones in Writing

    • Thanks Lynn I held off on blogging for so long because I seriously had no clue what to share or talk about. I found myself sharing the milestone and went wait perfect blog material.

  1. You have encouraged me. I am unpublished and I have been thinking about doing a blog with a couple of other unpublished friends. I like this. Thanks for sharing.

    • Mary we had an author Evelyn M. Byrne speak to our chapter in February about social media. She stressed unpublished authors needed to get their names out there. I took her advice it was some I had heard before. I created a facebook page but you have to go to Kathy Crouch to get to C. K. Crouch and like me. Afte thirty lies I will have a link to that page directly.

  2. Way to go Kathy! Look at you! On your way to being a successful author. Congratulations on your milestone. I am so excited and proud of you.

    • Thanks I think I might finish this story again I am working on right now. I finished the first version in May. Decided in December the revisions weren’t working the story wasn’t working and began fresh with a new start on it.

  3. Thanks for sharing! As someone who struggles with writing every day, I found your blog very inspirational! One of these days I’ll sign up for 100×100, when I think I’ll seriously be able to commit to it.


    • Be it 30 minutes of editing or 100 words all you have to do is commit. It sometimes takes several tries to make it to the first 100 then suddenly it is a habit that you can’t ignore.

  4. C.K.
    This is a great first blog post and very inspirational! I too have been struggling with writing lately and have decided April 1 was my day to get back into a full routine. I like the 100 words a day and it can easily be done. Like you said, ‘one foot in front of the other’ or ‘one word in front of the other’. As pre-published authors we need to find that motivation for when we hit the charts so we are already in a routine. 🙂

    All the best to you and many hugs! Great job on first post and sending you virtual cheers to many more!

    • Loni I swear byt the 100×100 loop. The others on that loop have sent cyber hugs and listened to me whine cry throw temper tantrums and fall apart with my life the past year. Maybe the writing was destined to help me deal with moving on after Jim died.

  5. Congratulations are in order for you…on so many levels! Congrats for making your 365 days of writing- that is NO small feat. Congrats on your first blog and you’re right, day one is a good one! Congrats on surviving your own personal brand of hell this past year. I respect your spirit, drive and courage. We’ve never met, but I feel like I know you through Invisible Words and KOD. My hat is off to you and I hope you take today to revel in the success that you’ve found!!!

  6. CK Crouch,

    You inspire others to keep plugging away! I admire you dedication! I don’t know how you did it when we were taking the social media class but you did! You are my inspiration! Love the blog lay out! Crisp, bright and makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside!
    Diane Kratz

  7. Kathy, nice blog. It’s always a pleasure to read blogs that are interesting and not self-promotions. Congratulations on the writing and your blog.


  8. Great blog, Kathy — and I’m right with the others who find themselves inspired by your determination over the last year. Besides, you’re fun to keep up with!

  9. Congrats!Glad to see that you ventured into the world of Bloggin’
    I haven’t been able to keep mine up the way that I wanted – hope that you have better luck with that part of it – it’s a neat way to communicate tho

  10. Kathy,

    This is a very attractive site. I enjoy learning about our group. I can see that the structure that your writing schedule gave you helped you through the difficult times with Jim. Keep writing. It can be very therapeutic!


  11. Kathy, what a beautiful and inspirational recounting of what the 100×100 can do for writers. One simple commitment to yourself as a writer. I’m so proud of your accomplishment. I know you’ve had an emotional year, so I’m glad you feel you got the support you needed from our WritingGIAM community. Great blog. Hey, you’re on your way!

    • Amy I could not have committed and written non-stop for a whole year without the WritingGIAM_100x100 grou. You set it all up and it gave me the drive to see if I could make that first 100 days. It often takes zseveral starts to make it through the first ones. But once you beat it suddenly you don’t want to go back if you can help it to day one. Jo Anne says it is a good day but darn from day 80 or 90 something it bites. I didn’t mention I even hand wrote when I couldn’t get to a computer.

  12. Kathy, It’s a lovely blog site and I’m so proud for you to have achieved this hard won victory. This loop made a tremendous difference in my dailly writing habits. Ironically, I’ve been thinking about going back to get my momentum going again. So you’re on to year two now. All the best to you. Martie/Livia

  13. Thank you for sharing your story – it’s very inspirational. I can’t imagine writing on the day of a death or a service, but it clearly was important to you. it sounds like the ritual was soothing and that’s a good thing. keep it up.

    • I had started to work on making the words for NaNo and by the time I returned from the ER there was nothing left to do but write. I felt more comfortable making the word count. As I said living with my sister writing often was a HUGE escape for me from her.

  14. Hi, Kathy. What a pretty blog! You’ve inspired all of us at 100×100 with your dedication, both to Jim and to writing. I, too, fell down more times than I can count on those first two rounds, until I finally finished one. It’s something to be proud of, and a whole year of consecutive writing is amazing. As for blogging, I have trouble with it all the time. I always think “who cares what I have to say?” But we can help each other by sharing our journeys, the way you’ve done here. Thank you.

    Tori Minard

    • Thanks Tori I can only say the 100 x 100 loop is what made the difference. Even yesterday dead tired from moving stuff, hurting all over, I knew I had to write my 100 words. I told my niece my mantra is 100 words until I get them done, I actually managed to get caught up in the scene and write 315 words.

  15. Wow! I’m really inspired. I do write everyday. If not a speed session during my lunch break an hour a night even if I don’t write much. When edits come though I tend to take a break and concentrate on those. What a great group to belong to! Hugs. What a powerful blog!

    • You are so sweet. I would love to say oh I am looking at a deadline to get this out to my editor. I am pushing to make it right though. Appreciate your comments and the kidn thought. Good luck with your writing as well.

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