Surviving Christmas Grief

This hits close to home, I lost my husband of 40 years, 9 months and 11 days on November 30, 2011. It’s been 2 years and I still fall apart over little things. Such as watching my 3 year old great nephew do some silly thing like winking and flirting. Memories flooded in all at once of Jim sitting in a chair “carrying on a conversation” with Tyler, and holding his hands and helping him walk. Saying well come on I’ll walk with you. In the middle of dinner in the middle of a restaurant last spring I burst into tears. So a deep thank you to Diane for posting a blog that touches me.

Profiles of Murder

Today I am sharing something not too many of my writer family knows about me. I lost my sixteen year old son, Eric, in 1996 to suicide.  I’d love to report that I’m over his death, but the truth is, his death is something I know I will never get over. But I have learned to deal with my loss of him.

December is hard for me, and I know it is for countless others who are dealing with the loss of their loved ones. Eric’s birthday was December 7. Last year my daughter gave me my first granddaughter born on his birthday.

Ms. Charlotte Joann is named after my mother who died two years after my son. In the span of two years, I lost two people I loved.

For years after my mom died, I’d break out her tree even though it was so old the limbs wouldn’t…

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3 thoughts on “Surviving Christmas Grief

  1. Thanks so much for reposting this, Kathy. Sorry for your loss. I know how much more difficult it can be around the holidays. This is an awesome interview and I have posted it to my FB page to both offer comfort for those grieving and to offer reminders to those who are not – that their grieving friends may need them a little more this time of year.

    • Heather I find some days I’m fine and others I hear the Christmas songs and tears fall. My aunt has been widowed for many years and when I told her this summer I had sent a text and immediately started crying, she told me I just needed to get over it. First her and her husband didn’t share the closeness Jim and I did, I have gathered it from various conversations we’ve had, and it’s been approximately 38 years for her. Easy to say when looking at it from that distance I guess. But still, we need to stop and think everyone grieves differently. Thanks for stopping by.

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