Sexy Phrases For In And Out Of The Bedroom

I am reblogging this from Writers In The Storm BLOG to share. The article below is by Sharla Rae. Thanks Sharla for the advice.

Okay, here are the Sexy Phrases For In and Out Of The Bedroom.Absorbed the feel of himAching tension between them builtAcute surge of desireAdmired the full length of his powerful physiqueAflame withAgile fingers fondledAll thoughts became superfluous but oneAll-over kiss of two bodiesAllowing his erection to cushion againstAlready plumb and swollenAn opiate, she had no wish to kickAn unfurling ofAnticipation so keenApex of her legsArched her back to better accept himArdent lovingAttraction that became much moreAttractive dishabilleBeautiful landscape of plains, tight abs andBeckoned him like a siren’s songBeguiling her with hisBetween her thighsBlood humming in her veinsBlown apart by heatBody surged into hersBold caress of his tongueBoneless limbsBrain wouldn’t focusBrazen handsBreached her every defenseBreathless urgencyBreathtakingly awareBrutal strength of his passionBuilding of a gripping sensationBunched her skirt up her thighsBurgeoning frenzyBuried in her sweet heatBurn, tremble and yearnCatalogued every curve and dipCaused women to hyperventilateCharge of excitementChuckled at her goose bumpsCircled his hard length with her handsCircled his neck with her armsClad only in pantiesClever handsClimax came at her in drugging wavesClosed about her breastsClutched fistfuls of his shirtCoaxing her to abandonCollapsed, spentCome hither grinComplied without thoughtConsuming climaxConvuls

via Sexy Phrases For In And Out Of The Bedroom.

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