I promised to return and share my choice. I took Susan’s advice and continued with Lisa and Collin. No, I still didn’t finish it. I haven’t finished Stolen Secrets either. Well I did once but then I began to edit and revise and realized I had BIG FAT plot holes in it. The more I tried to fix them the worse it got. I know how I want the story to go and how it ends. But I made a fresh start a few months back and began to feel like I was falling into a trap or a black hole. Sort of spinning my wheels.

I enjoy using this website to write on. I keeps me on track and pushing. By the time I reach the 750 words I’m usually rocking into the story. But the next day I find myself lost and unsure where I left the characters and how to begin. This site tracks how many breaks over three minutes, yes 3 minutes, that you take. My breaks tend to be long ones sometimes. Usually when I sign into the site and start to write is when I go oh darn where was I yesterday. 

This month I am going to try and focus on remembering where I was when I quit by revisiting the writing before I begin. Maybe the words will flow more evenly. The other option would be to keep writing on a new day. There are two loops I report to at the end of the day. Both of these are yahoo groups that are a part of the Writing GIAM site. GIAM stands for GOALS INSPIRATION AMITY MOTIVATION. Thanks to this group I managed to stay on track with writing for an entire year. In fact year two is into 167 days now. That is five thirty day months and seventeen days. It means it is that much closer to another year of writing complete. Now to complete a manuscript and submit somewhere is supposed to be occurring in there somewhere. Here’s hoping I can find that by 19 March 2013.


2 thoughts on “MY CHOICE FOR FRIDAY NIGHT :-)

  1. Kathy,

    I read this post and thought myself. Revisions are so hard! I haven’t wrote a word for almost a month now. But, you have inspired me to do so. Best of luck to you for us both! 🙂

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